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When you are facing criminal charges, your rights are at risk. So is your future.

Clients from throughout the Chicago area seek us out when it comes to protecting their rights in DUI cases and also for traffic violations.

Do You Understand All Of Your Rights And Options?

Too many people make the mistake of simply going into court and pleading guilty without understanding the consequences. Those consequences include having that conviction on your record. It can also result in lost future opportunities when background checks for jobs and even education become involved.

One of the reasons people make that mistake is their lack of knowledge regarding their rights. Rather than relying on your own untrained judgment to determine whether pleading guilty best positions you for future opportunities, you should instead rely on our attorneys.

You will rest easier knowing you have turned to a firm that understands how to help you understand what you can do. Your options may include challenging evidence in order to get your case dismissed entirely. They can also include negotiating with a prosecutor for a lesser charge.

You can depend on our lawyers in Cicero , Illinois, to make sure you exhaust all of your options. We bring more than 50 years of combined experience to bear on every case we handle. We know how the system works, how prosecutors think and what opportunities may exist to protect you from the burden of a criminal conviction for the rest of your life.

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