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Koch & Associates in Cicero, Illinois, has helped clients just like you for decades. Our lawyers regularly work with clients facing difficult decisions when it comes to matters such as bankruptcy, debt negotiation and foreclosure defense.

What Is Foreclosure Defense?

Strictly speaking, foreclosure defense is legal representation to protect your home. It can involve legal challenges to party claiming to hold the mortgage on your house.

For instance, we could challenge whether that party actually does hold the mortgage. Because the banks often do their real estate deals so haphazardly in order to move faster, they often did not follow legal requirements for the transfer of mortgages from one lender to a different lender.

Additionally, we could conceivably challenge whether the bank actually did the proper paperwork. Many banks took the illegal step of “robosigning” their paperwork in an effort to keep their deals moving faster than they should have been.

Where foreclosure defense properly speaking is not your best option for protecting your home, you will be able to rely on us with confidence to advise you as to which options do indeed help you.

Our experienced team can help you see if bankruptcy could help you, for instance. Debt negotiation also may be available to help you make other bills more manageable, thereby freeing up the money you need to pay your mortgage.

If you are trying to save your home, you will also appreciate that you will work with us in your native language. Your attorney will speak Spanish. There is no need for a translator.

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