How To Find The Best Cook County DUI Attorney

Any time someone is faced with hiring an attorney, feelings of dread are prone to surface. This emotion is compounded when potentially looking at DUI charges, or other serious traffic violations. These types of criminal charges can be life altering and embarrassing for you and your family.

Because of the circumstances, it is highly recommended to have experienced legal representation on your side. So how do you go about finding the right DUI defense attorney?

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Illinois DUI Statistics for 2020

  • Over 20% of all vehicular crash fatalities were alcohol-related
  • There were 20,131 DUI arrests documented by the state
  • 90% of those arrested for DUI lost their driving privileges
  • 244 drivers under the legal drinking age lost their driver licenses
  • 75% of drivers arrested for DUI were males
  • Over 85% of all those arrested for DUI were first offenders

Why You Need An Attorney For DUI Charges

Most importantly, an experienced DUI attorney has the knowledge to help you understand the charges and potential consequences of said charges. Beyond that, a good criminal lawyer can evaluate your case and formulate the best argument on your behalf. Whether you have been charged with driving under the influence or drunk driving, you still have rights – and having an expert DUI lawyer will help ensure your case is handled fairly.

Furthermore, living with a DUI impacts your life on a daily basis when you have to rely on family and friends for rides to and from work, you can no longer pick up the kids from school or do errands, and in some cases you face jail time. Your attorney can break it down for you and help you fight to keep your life in balance.

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How To Choose A DUI Attorney

There are several things to consider when researching Illinois criminal defense lawyers. A good way to start is with recommendations from people you know and trust. If you have previously used an attorney for a different matter, they may also be able to help in this case, or they may refer you to a reputable colleague.

In doing your research, be sure to confirm potential attorneys are licensed, have never been disbarred, and have a clean ethical record. See if they attended a law school accredited by the American Bar Association. Also look into how long they have been practicing and how many DUI cases they have won.

If you are struggling with finding the right criminal attorney for your DUI case or other criminal offense, call us for a free consultation. We take cases personally and will always fight for your rights.

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