What is a Real Estate Short Sale and How Does it Work?

What Are Short Sales? Real estate short sales are accelerated home sales conducted when a home’s market value is less than what is owed on its mortgage. Generally, homeowners use a short sale transaction to sell the property when they are facing foreclosure or unaffordable mortgage payments. In these cases, the borrower must prove financial […]

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How To Find The Best Cook County DUI Attorney

Any time someone is faced with hiring an attorney, feelings of dread are prone to surface. This emotion is compounded when potentially looking at DUI charges, or other serious traffic violations. These types of criminal charges can be life altering and embarrassing for you and your family. Because of the circumstances, it is highly recommended […]

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Choosing Trusts vs Wills In Illinois

Options for how and who will carry on a legacy can be both confusing and overwhelming. There are many variables to consider regarding heirs, assets, and method of distribution. Essentially both trusts and wills serve the purpose of leaving possessions to family members, friends, and charitable entities. One thing to keep in mind is that […]

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