Can I Declare Bankruptcy at a Young Age?

Many people assume that those who file for bankruptcy are all middle-aged or older. While many older people do file for bankruptcy, just as many young people do as well. Student loan debt and high credit card debt often contribute to millennials (and even some Gen Zs) investigating this route. We’ve put together some legal […]

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Loan Modification vs. Short Sale: Which is Better?

If you’re struggling to make payments on your home, or you’re simply looking to avoid financial hardship, you may be considering loan modification or a short sale. While both options can provide you with the financial relief you’re looking for, the choice that’s best for you will depend on your unique situation. Regardless of your […]

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Guide to Warranty Deeds in Illinois

A warranty deed is a legal document that a property owner signs in certain circumstances when transferring their property to a new owner. Warranty deeds are commonly used when selling residential, single-family property. Signing a warranty deed guarantees that the property being sold is legally yours to transfer, that it’s in the same condition as […]

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